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Pink Dhaga is a Making India initiative, an online clothing store that specializes in high-fashion wear. We deliver a luxurious shopping experience to our global customers, with custom-made outfits.

About PINKधागा

Pink Dhaga is the dream project of an ace designer; Krishna Patel who has been closely observing the fashion industry & wanted to launch a fashion studio that would serve all the fashion needs of individuals. She believed in the idea of "Your Outfits Speak about your Personality"; therefore, as a designer, she aimed to create outfits and designs that are suitable for different personalities, different functions and occasions; that’s how Pink Dhaga came into existence.
The Pink Dhaga is based in Surat, the textile hub worldwide. It is easy to get all kinds of greys, fabrics and materials that are required. The materials made in Surat have a global fan base, and therefore, we are catering to a global audience. From measurement to shipping, everything will be done under one roof.

Dealing in Customized Creations

Everyone wants to own a fashion sense that creates a unique impression, and in our opinion customization is the best. By custom-made we mean, the customer can ask for a change in the existing outfits designed by us, or they can beforehand convey their requirement, and we will make it for you.

Catering Clients WorldWide

Pink Dhaga deals globally. We want NRIs and Foreigners to carry the outfit that suits their taste. Buy the outfit you like without worrying about geographical boundaries. From measurement to shipping everything will be done under one roof, we will take online measurements and provide a shipping facility.

PINKधागा - Raising From Surat

Surat has been renowned globally for its textile empire. Pink Dhaga is based in Surat; it is easy to get all kinds of greys, fabrics and materials that are required. Deal in different prints and patterns, stonework, jari work and much more. The materials made in Surat are different and varied & has their own richness and therefore, we are eager to cater to a global audience.

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Woven with Love

We have a systematic approach for all the outfits, we understand the foreseeable trends, design and give it a Pink Dhaga touch with immense finishing. Our team has vast experience; they master the art of designing, stitching and glorifying the outfit. Our precision in making outfits has made our designer studio flourish for years.

Unique Designs

Hand-Picked Materials

Selective Prints

Perfect Fitting

Trendy Color Palette

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The Feedback shared by Our Clients

Their designs are just perfect, I bought traditional outfits from Pink Dhaga and it fitted perfectly, it looked great on me. Highly recommendable.

Prem Bothra

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